10 Steps to Lose Weight Efficiently

1- Diversify your diet and workout routines

Our bodies get used to the routines of diet and exercise very fast. Change your body’s routine by changing your exercise plan as it will help you overcome Laziness and prevent weight gain. You can alternate between eating 6 small meals a day and three large meals the next and alternate between cardio and strength exercises throughout the week.

2- Avoid compulsive eating

Losing weight can often cause a desire to eat compulsively, or eat excessively. The best way to avoid overeating or compulsive eating is to eat the things you crave, but in moderation. If you are constantly depriving yourself of these things, you will be much more likely to have episodes of binge eating or overeating.

3- Do not go back to your old eating habits

If you have lost weight, then probably your stomach has shrunk, which means that you need less food to feel satisfied. Listen to your body, and only eat what you need to feel full. If you return to your old eating routines after having reached your ideal weight, you will definitely gain weight again.

4- Find an applicable schedule of food and exercise

If you are suffering constantly, you will give up your diet and exercise plan. Find a lifestyle that you feel comfortable with. Choose to do the exercise you enjoy. If you have fun, you will repeat it for a long time.

5- Find healthy alternatives for the foods that you crave to eat

If you love sugar then eat dark chocolate, honey, yogurt or fruit instead of ice cream, cookies and cake. This way you will satisfy your sweet tooth without ruin your waistline!

6- Keep a diary of your diet

People, who keep a food and exercise diary, lose more weight than those who do not. Keeping track of your behavior can help you to determine what works for you and what does not.

7- Do not weigh yourself every day

This will drive you crazy, and it will be deceptive because the weight of all people varies from 2 to 3 pounds each day.

8- Take a glass of water or eat a fruit before each meal

This will help you to fill your stomach so that you will feel full and satisfied faster

9- Find a friend so that together you can lose weight

You can share ideas and advices, and motivate each other when someone feels like giving up!

10- Take pictures of “before and after”

This can keep you motivated and give you the irresistible sense of satisfaction when you finally take that “after” photo.

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